A statement regarding our trade

Crafted work is attractive, creative, courageous, elementary and precise when carried out by skilled hands led by a clear understanding of the job at hand. As is done at Saxotherm. Our best arguments are the quality and professional competence we provide.

Cogenerative Thermal Power – A Saxotherm Specialtym

These CHP plants are at the very top of our assembly lists as they are both economical and environmentally friendly. Specially developed gas combustion motors drive a generator which in turn provides energy. This process also creates secondary „waste“ heat which is harnessed for heating and hot water systems. You not only receive a governmental CHP bonus credit but are also able to earn additionally by selling the excess power created.


Our Trade

Heating and water services form the foundation of our daily labour. We have been building heating and sanitation systems professionally since 1995; reliably providing comfort while placing emphasis on economical and environmentally-friendly technologies.


Our team, in which united and fair cooperation is of utmost importance, works to this end daily. Regular, advanced training of our employees is just one of the ways in which we ensure Saxotherm grows along with technical progress and increasing demands.


Regardless of customer expectations and needs or the size of the job at hand – we always take the matter seriously, working professionally to provide the highest quality efficiently and on schedule for everything from small repairs to the largest of system installations.


Our customers profit from quality work based on 20 years of commitment both throughout Germany and abroad.

Jörg Schladebach

Warmth, Comfort and Flowing Water

Just getting started? Are you building new or converting? Would you like to renovate living or work spaces? Single rooms or entire complexes?

We install modern heating and sanitation systems tailored exactly to your needs in:
offices, commercial and industrial complexes and hospitals as well as single family homes or apartment buildings.

Together we will find the most advanced, ecological and economical source of energy available to you.

Classic Warmth

Choose for yourself the system most suitable to your needs or let us consult you to find optimized solutions:

  • gas heating
  • floor heating
  • radiators
  • oil heating

Flowing Water

We also design and install the following sanitary and plumbing systems as needed for our customers:

  • modern and durable fresh and waste water systems
  • technical solutions for water re-use and recycling needs
  • waste-water treatment facilities
  • rain water collection and irrigation systems

Alternative Energy Sources

When compared with traditional power plants, alternative energy sources operate both economically and ecologically. You too can participate in the energy revolution at an individual level while protecting the environment and minimizing your own energy costs.

  • cogenerative thermal power – CHP
  • mini CHP systems
  • thermal solar systems
  • air, water or geothermal heating pump

Industrial Construction

An expert and trusted partner in system construction and fitting. This is Saxotherm. We have been working with renowned clients both across Germany and abroad since 2000. We provide highest quality services for:

  • waste water treatment for power plants
  • process-water treatment and recycling systems for industrial production facilities
  • ultra-pure water systems for clean rooms and areas

A Selection of our Building Experience

Saxotherm has been building customized heating and sanitary systems throughout Europe for more than 20 years has become a trusted partner for system fitting and assembly projects.



Work Carried Out

LPZ GmbH Leipzig

Apartments, 15 WE Heinrich-Budde-Str. 40

Sanitary installation, heating system, ventilation system

Private Client Taucha

Apartments, 25 WE Karl-Marx-Str. 1 – 9

Sanitary installation, heating system, mini CHP system

IBIS GmbH Taucha

16 Row Houses Karl-Marx-Str. 21 -35

Sanitary installation, heating system, ventilation system

Private Client Taucha

Apartments, 7 WE Friedrich-Engels-Str. 4/6

Sanitary installation, heating system, mini CHP system

Private Client Taucha

Apartments, 6 WE Klebendorfer Str. 10/12

Sanitary installation, heating system, solar system

Jahraus & Schröder Bau IQ GmbH Leipzig

Apartments, 10 WE Scharhortstr. 13

Sanitary installation, heating system

Private Client Pegau

Swim Hall An der Untermühle 10

Heating system, solar system

Dolomatic S.R.L. Bruneck, Italy

Commercial renovation Via Johann Georg Mahl

Heating system, fire extinguishing system

Eurotherm AG Frangart, Italy

Commercial renovation Pillhof 91

Sanitary installation, heating system

Mabo GmbH Brixen, Italy

New construction of office and commercial spaces – Station Center

Heating system, fire extinguishing system

Public Works Aldein, Italy

Construction of Sport Center Sportplatzweg 16

Sanitary installation, heating system

BTS Biogas S.R.L. Bruneck, Italy

Biogas System St. Lorenzenerstr. 34

Heating system, fire extinguishing system

Private Client St. Johann, Italy

Renovation / Expansion Hotel Gallhaus

Sanitary installation, heating system

Private Client Campitallo, Italy

Renovation / Expansion Hotel Alaska

Heating system, fire extinguishing system

Private Client Moena, Italy

Renovation / Expansion Hotel Zirmes

Sanitary installation, heating system



Work Carried Out

Q-Cells AG Thalheim

Construction of production facilities – Cells 4 and Cells 5

Piping for chemical supply lines and waste-water treatment

AMD Dresden Dresden

Expansion of existing production facilities

Piping for ultrapure water supply

Deutsche Solar AG Freiberg

Construction of new production facilities

Piping for chemical supply lines

SiC Processing Jingdezehn, China

Construction of an SiC treatment plant

Pipe fitting coordination and installation supervision

Polyot Omsk, Russia

Construction of a new process-water treatment plant

Construction of entire process-water treatment systems

Mikron Selenograd, Russia

Construction of new production facilities

Piping for chemical supply lines

Johnsons Controls Ceska Lipa, Czech Rep.

Renovation and construction of existing production facilities

Fitting / installation of industrial water supply lines

E.ON Datteln

Power Plant Construction Datteln 4

Piping for waste-water treatment

REC Solar Heroya, Norway

Construction of an SiC-treatment system

Piping for chemical supply lines

REC Solar Glomfjord, Norway

Construction of an SiC-treatment system

Piping for chemical supply lines

SSE plc Yorkshire, England

Ferrybridges Power Station

Piping for waste-water treatment

Infineon AG Villach, Austria

Expansion of existing production facilities

Piping for chemical supply lines

Holding Graz Graz, Austria

Public Pool Graz

Fitting / Installation water treatment piping

Perlen Papier AG Perlen, Switzerland

Paper Factory Perlen

Piping for waste-water treatment

Wanted: Team player with high demands on quality


Our employees are the key to building success. We recognize that teamwork and a good working environment are of utmost importance. Only so can we satisfy our clients‘ high demands for quality while building precisely and efficiently. Present and future employees will benefit from high wages and flexible working times.

Work Abroad

Whether in South Tyrol, Russia or Norway, Saxotherm is in demand internationally. We insist on high levels of trade expertise from our workers and, in return, they benefit from international experience and high compensation. Working abroad is, of course, voluntary and optional for all of our employees.

Further Education

We provide opportunities for training and advancement such as e.g. the DVS exam for welders.

Job Vacancies

Heating and Sanitary System Fitters and Installers

Industrial System Fitters and Installers

Maintenance, Care and Emergencies – Service for Our Partners

When everything has been done and the systems can be put into operation, we conclude site-specific service and maintenance contracts with our clients. This allows us to offer sustainable, customized customer care.

Regular maintenance and service is then taken on by our partner, Saxonia Wärmeservice GmbH. They are, of course, also available to our clients in emergency cases.


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